Sundays ride-out saw the ATMCC group and some guests visit Carlisle Castle. The Castle has military connections dating back to the eleventh century and is cared for and opened to visitors by English Heritage and home to Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life.

Attendees: Maurice, Leo, Chris, Eddie, Kevin, Grant, Hugh McQ, Hugh McA, Billy, Scott M, Richard & Deborah, Isobel & Jim, Jimmy, George.
Guests: Ken, Robert, Billy’s mate and his daughter, Crawford

18 Bikes.. 21 attendees… WOW

The Sun was shining, it must have been a reward because this was one of the few days that Hugh McQ could manage out with us on a Sunday.
We met at the usual departure lounge. Almost everyone was early, except Eddie who arrived on time! we left pretty much at 10:00 and made our way down the A76 to Thornhill, there was very little traffic. Even a home football game in New Cumnock didn’t cause any troubles.

We had agreed to meet Isobel and Jim in Thornhill and I messaged them on departure.
When we arrived they were waiting for us. Unfortunately, the breakfast they had ordered was still to arrive and resulted in half the group joined in and ordering food, whilst the others waited outside for what was a fairly long time. Tbh the cafes not renowned for quick service.

The waiting around proved too much for Hugh McQ and so he departed and headed back North, think this was his plan anyway.

Finally we departed Thornhill and picked up the A75 at Dumfries, after Dumfries we took the 125 friendly roads via Longtown picking up the A7 towards Carlisle and At the roundabout on the M6 riders appeared from multiple junctions of the roundabout and we made our way into Carlisle and the castle itself where Chris was waiting for us, He had found a more optimal 125 friendly route (future navigator) 😇

The Weeping Window flows from the top of the keep, arcing over the inner ward wall and cascading down into the outer ward, and it’s simply stunning. each poppy represents 5 of the men who didn’t come back to Cumbria from the 1914-1918 war. The quest had been to go and see the ceramic poppies which make up an art called “the weeping window” they are part of a much larger work commissioned to commemorate the end of the First World War 1914-1918.

We parked the bikes and made our way in, as you can see from the pictures, the display is amazing although it’s very emotional when you think each poppy represents 5 men who didn’t return from that war.

It was around 26C whilst we were there and we took some time to soak up the sun, some cold drinks. And the “odd” pastie!! (Well there was no pies) 😇


Afterwards, there was a discussion that went along the lines of…
Cake, lunch,home,lunch,home,lunch,cake,lunch.
So everyone grouped up and went there own ways.
Leo (Lunch supporter) Jimmy, Crawford and I sought some advice from a local and made our way into town.

The first task was to cross the road via the footbridge. Whilst Crawford and myself showed our athletic prowess, leaping up the stairs two or three steps at a time to the bridge above, it might have been more, it was hard to count, we were trying to beat the lift which was struggling to lift Jimmy and Leo up a floor (must have been the heat 😇).

We waited patiently at the top, or actually, we waited gasping for air at the top. Then we waited some more. The doors of the lift stayed SHUT!!!.

Well once we both stopped laughing our faces off at Jimmy and Leo stuck in the lift with doors that wouldn’t open. We tried summoning the lift, prising the doors open but they wouldn’t budge! The lift had laid siege to them both!!

Finally, they gave in and went down, fortunately, it went down and they escaped the clutches of the lift.

They trudged up the stairs and finally as they arrived at the top a bell rang, the lift doors opened and a guy with a pram got out 😂😂

Hilarity over we carried on past the cathedral into town where we found a wee restaurant run by an equally mad Scotsman fae glesga who took our orders and served us a very tasty lunch.

After lunch we made our way back to the bikes then made our way north, Jimmy and Crawford stopping for fuel before hitting the motorway. Leo and myself stopping at Moffat for ice cream and a look at what old cars remained before finally heading home.

A monster ride out and it was fabulous to see so many of our great club and friends enjoying the trip out.

Until the next time, ride safe..