Every year Riders from all over the world riding classic style motorcycles and scooters, get together and Ride to raise awareness of Men’s mental health Issues and Prostate Cancer. recently the rides become a way to raise funds for these charities as well with this years run raising over $5million  so far.

ATMCC Members attended the Glasgow Distinguished Gentleman’s Run.

Mark, Maurice and Lindsay signed up for the run. but a bike failure robbed Lindsay of the Chance to indure the aquatic conditions that befell those who took part in both the Ride out and the After Run Party.  Which was attended by club members Rachel, Chris and Leo.

A quick check on the DGR website shows us, the group raised £472 between the Riders who were generously supported by other club members and friends.

The day started with me making the decision to dress down slightly and put on my waterproofs, tweed can get horrible once it’s wet and you smell like a wet dog or sheep!

I was joined by two friends David ( “Triumph Trident 900” and Robbie “Thruxton R”  We made our way in the rain towards the muster point.



The muster point was the Forge shopping centre just of the M8 and by 11:00 am around 120 Bikers, paparazzi well-wishers and a camera waving Naomi were assembled. After a short safety briefing and a reminder to look after each other, we set off for George Square in Glasgow.

did I mention it was WET!!


Everyone was enjoying themselves.



We all stayed in George square for around 45 mins before heading towards Triumph for the after Event Party:

Upon arrival Leo told me three riders had crashed,  it tuned out a scooter rider had low-sided and two bike riders who were close behind came down on the brakes trying not to hit the fallen rider!

Once at Triumph some coffee and cakes were the order of the day and then saying goodbye to some friends I headed over to the Harvester for Lunch with Chris, Rachel and Leo.. it was delicious 🙂

After that we set off in the rain for the A77, one thing I won’t miss from today is wearing an open face helmet in the wet. Frankly its it’se having someone stab you with a thousand needles every few milliseconds all your face!! It’s sore!

Once again thanks for the generous sponsorship.





If you wonder where it goes read some more below.

Prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in men. “Prostate cancer kills a man every 18 minutes.” Early detection can save lives.
The causes of prostate cancer are largely unknown. However, certain things can increase your risk of developing the condition.
The chances of developing prostate cancer increase as you get older. Most cases develop in men aged 50 or older.
For reasons not yet understood, prostate cancer is more common in men of African-Caribbean or African descent, and less common in men of Asian descent.
Men who have first-degree male relatives (such as a father or brother) affected by prostate cancer are also at slightly increased risk.

Today 3 out of 4 suicides are men! in fact, 510,000 men die from suicide globally each year. That’s about one every minute. so in 20 minutes, we lose 21 men!! This has to change.

The causes of suicide are complex. There’s no single reason why men take their own lives, but we do know that by improving overall mental health we can reduce the risk of suicide. We need to address untreated mental health conditions among men.

Too many men are toughing it out and struggling alone.  Don’t lose track of your friends when your life gets busy, it doesn’t take much to get in touch with your mates.