ATMCC Borders Raid

ATMCC Borders Raid

A Borders Raid?

We decided to head off in search of some back roads in the borders close to some apparent checkpoints. We took the road towards Biggar and then the back road to Pebbles. from pebbles we went for a light Lunch at the Gordon Arms.  We abandoned the bikes outside and then Lindsay spotted some interesting wildlife: and pointed out the Snake

An Adder, our only indigenous poisonous snake!

 Graeme is not put off by the snake and was very happy that we had arrived, complete with new members.

Chairman overjoyed at the sight of another adventure bike!

After Lunch, we made our way towards Selkirk where we refuelled, and then onwards towards the town of Saint Boswells. from there we made several stops to enjoy the scenic views.

we took a few group shots

and then made our way down towards Melrose for some refreshments.

The first rule of cake club: Don’t talk with your mouth full!

Some of the Cake clubs members left before cake and after cake, the rest of us headed for a dinner appointment (is it any wonder we’re all moving to adventure bikes!) in Lanark.


That should have wrapped up the day if it weren’t for someone who doesn’t have an epi-pen yet!! ordering everything on the menu with nuts in it. just to test his nut allergies!

fortunately, Lindsay went to the rescue and manages to get back in time from the shop on the corner with some needed medication, before Graeme’s airways constricted too much.  she pointed out that she would have been quicker had the co-op not tried to overcharge her for the much-needed medication!

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